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Started in 2009, this website is quickly becoming a recognized leader in the diet pills industry.

Our reviews provide the most up to date information on the most popular diet pills on the market. After in depth analysis of ingredients, history of the company and customer support, we are now able to give you the many pros and cons on each of the diet supplements we have reviewed.

Unlike some other sites , www.dietpillszone.co.uk provides reliable articles that are designed to educate overweight people about the different pros and cons of popular diet programs and products and provide information about specific diet tips and tricks ranging from "How to beat your food cravings" to "The 10 best dieting tips for this summer".

We also publish in depth reviews of top rated diet and weight loss pills, ranging from "fat binders" to "hoodia" based weight loss pills.

Diet pills we recommend.

Proactol Plus


Pills from fat binders, appetite suppressants to fat burners.

By reading this site, you will discover the most practical steps to a healthier and happier you!

You could ask : where should I start and what kind of diet pills should I choose ?

Ex : Should I go for fat binders ? And are they really safe? Or is it better to take appetite suppressants ? But which ones ? Is the new Meratol pill really worth the try ?

Many customers ask us if they should you take the first hoodia seen on tv, or go for a so called natural pill like many heavily marketed on the web. We have the answers. We did our job and selected for you the best products currently available.

Only the top supplements are recommended.

You should also know that products we recommend should be linked to physical exercise and to a healthy diet . This is why our range of pills come with specific bonuses, like free membership to health and fitness programs, online aerobic videos, free weight loss ebooks, access to delicious low fat recipes and a member's forum.

There’s so much conflicting information on the internet, that’s it’s hard to discover what are the most effective and safe weight loss products for you.

But while we can’t claim to know exactly what suits you best, we do know that many diet pills are unsafe and come with unwanted side effects. This is why we always recommend pills that show no side effects and deliver real effects.

Moreover, our website will make you discover dozens of weight loss articles, about exercise to do at home, delicious low calories recipes, tips and tricks about diet, diet programs reviewed and explained with their pros and cons and much much more about your health, fitness and well being.

women diet pillsThat’s why this site was designed to help you find the best diet products : safe, effective and without harmful side effects.

Before you decide on what diet pills to purchase, take advantage of our in-depth work and research!

Long term, sustainable weight loss solutions are your best choice.

As a final statement, we would say that the mission of DietPillsGuru.co.uk is to provide you with reliable facts and observations of the products available on the web without prescription. And finally, make you reach your diet goals the most effective way is our only objective.

We really hope you'll find comprehensive articles about this and discover the best products that proved safety and efficacy and already helped thousands achieve weight loss success.

Updated: January 2013.

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